Lauren Daigle Says "Tremble" Captures a Special Moment in Her Life

Lauren Daigle

Even though Lauren Daigle's "You Say" is still reigning in the higher reaches of the Christian charts, she has released her brand new single "Tremble." The song, which speaks about the beauty of being in God's presence, represents a special moment in her life.

Daigle revealed, "This is a very special moment for me. I've always had a unique connection with this song - and it's one of my favorite moments of a live show having been performing it over the past few years. I feel like now is the perfect time to share it with you all!"

Daigle has released a live video of "Tremble" which captures her performing the single durong her tour in 2019.  "Since I've been performing "Tremble" for a few years now, I wanted to do something special for this release, and share with you this live version first!

We filmed and recorded the song at this concert at The Greek Theatre in LA in September of 2019, and I love what this video captured from the night. That theatre came alive with these lyrics, and to watch this back has me incredibly excited to get back on tour."

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