Big Daddy Weave's Jay Weaver is Out of ICU & Asks for Prayers

Jay Weaver

Earlier this week, Big Daddy Weave's bass guitar player Jay Weaver was rushed to the ICU because of severe pain caused by an infection in the body. Thanks to the prayers of family and friends and the expertise of doctors, Jay is now home, but he is still in need of prayers. 

"JAY IS HOME!!!!!," Jay's wife Emily announced. "Thank you for all of your prayers! God has been so gracious and kind during these past few days. Yesterday when I left the hospital, we didn't know when Jay would come home. The doctors and nurses were concerned about all the things we asked for you to lift up in prayer.

The Lord heard all your requests and surpassed them! We still have a journey. Jay did not have to have another finger amputated at this time. We have follow ups with doctors these next two weeks. There may be changes in medical treatments. We are trusting completely in His plan. Thank you, thank you, thank you again for your prayers and sweet words."

Earlier in the week the medical team is working to get his blood pressure stabilized and find the source of infection in his body that is causing him such severe pain. Jay was also told that another one of his fingers will have to be amputated while he is in the hospital. Compounding this, hospital policy changed today so that he cannot have any visitors, and his wife Emily had to leave him.

Big Daddy Weave gave four specific ways that you can pray.

  • First, that Jay's blood pressure will stabilize so he can be moved off of the ICU floor.
  • Secondly, to agree with us for direction for the doctors to find the source of this infection that has left a normally joke-a-minute Jay Dawg quiet and in constant pain, and that he may be healed from this intruder of an infection in his body.
  • Third, please pray that the Holy Spirit would fill Jay's hospital room so that Jay will not feel alone. Pray that Jay will constantly be reminded how much he is loved. Pray that the Lord will give Jay emotional and physical strength.
  • Fourth, please lift up the hearts of Jay's wife and children Emily, Makenzie, Madison and Nathan. Pray against fear. Pray for strength and the peace that passes all human understanding.



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