Natasha Owens Hopes to Instil Courage and Perseverance with "Stand"

Natasha Owens

Natasha Owens hopes to encourage fans and listeners to be courageous with the songs on her newly released album Stand. The album, produced by GRAMMY-nominated and multiple Dove Award-winning producer/songwriter/fellow artist Ian Eskelin, is a 12-track testament to perseverance and empowerment. 

One of the album's highlights is Owens' brand new rendition of her hit "Warrior." "I want to show people that they can make it, too," Owens asserts. "Being a warrior means that my wounds have healed, but I still have the scars to prove it. The scars remind me that I don't have to worry about the next battle because I know God will be standing with me."

The album is already gaining attention through the just-released lead single, "Lion." The bold and powerful anthem takes the chaos of the past year head on, reminding us to move forward no matter how insurmountable one's surrounding circumstances may seem. 

"This song has driven me by the truth that our King is bold, fearless and courageous," Owens explains. "Revelation 5:5 refers to Jesus as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who prevails. Instantly, I was then reminded of Proverbs 28:1 that promises us that the righteous are as bold as a lion. What a declaration! He is our defender and has given us the strength to stand in boldness without fear. This is our battle cry."

Owens hopes this new album will instil courage and faith in her listeners. "Through the last year or so, there has been a lot of chaos going on in our world," observes Owens. "It's incredibly easy to look around us and instantly become anxious and fearful at all that we see. But there is a hope that I have found that is stronger than the enemy that tries to intimidate us; His name is Jesus." 

01. Fly
02. Lion
03. Storm
04. Stand
05. Hallelujah
06. Treasure
07. Limitless
08. Lead
09. Perfect
10. Home
11. Yes
12. Warrior (Live) 


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