The Grace Collective Brings the Book of Romans to Life with "This is Not the End"

The Grace Collective

The Grace Collective has just released their new album This is Not the End. The Grace Collective is passionate about theologically rich and accessible songs that magnify the name of Jesus. Their newly released album comprises of 13 songs inspired by the various passages in the book of Romans. 

One of the album's highlights is the track "My Savior." The song was inspired by Romans 15:2-3 which says, `Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to build him up. For Christ did not please himself, but as it is written, "The reproaches of those who reproached you fell on me.'

The team writes, "These verses teach us to seek to build others up, rather seeking to please ourselves. Why? Because Christ did not seek to please himself but bore our reproaches on the cross. That is why each verse begins with the line `My Savior thought not of Himself.' We wanted to take each verse to unpack the selfless love of Christ in His humanity, crucifixion, and resurrection. Then, the chorus is our response with our desire to reflect our savior, `to live like Him in word and deed.' The point of the song can be summed up with the final lines you hear before the song ends: `He only sought His Father's fame; He only sought my every good.'"

If you would like to sing any of these songs in church, the Grace Collective have avail all the chord charts for FREE here.


1 I'm Not Ashamed
2 None Are Righteous
3 Worthy of My All
4 Wretched Man
5 Not Death Nor Life
6 All Things for Good
7 Renew Our Minds
8 Only Jesus Can
9 Salvation's Golden Chain
10 My Savior
11 Future Glory
12 This Is Not the End
13 Worthy of My All (Acoustic)

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