JJ Heller Shares the Story Behind "I See You"

JJ Heller

Indie music and radio favorite JJ Heller has released a new song titled "I See You." The song, written by JJ Heller, David Heller and Andy Gullahor, speaks of how God reveals his creative fingerprints in all of creation. "I See You" is available now to download or stream.

Heller began releasing monthly singles in April 2017 that together have amassed over 55 million combined streams to date (through August 2020). The songstress will continue to announce a brand-new song on the first Friday of each month.

Heller has also taken the time to reveal how the song was birth. "A few months ago I sat on the porch and wrote down some thoughts. Those thoughts turned into a song with the help of Dave and our friend Andy Gullahor. 

Here's what I wrote...

`I've spent a whole lot of time talking to you, telling you what I want, telling myself it's what I need. If you could only do this for me or that for them, then the world would be as it should be, according to me.

It's funny how I feel good telling you what to do, I call it prayer, check the box then pat myself on the back when I get the answer I want. But today I sat on the porch and watched the English Hornbeam leaves gently tottering in the breeze. I heard a sound like the ocean as the branches danced and swayed and I heard You.

You were there with me - in the leaves, in the wind, in the red feathers of the cardinal landing on the fence. And something shifted - I was enjoying you for who you are instead of what you could give me - instead of the idea you can make my life easy. The porch became a sanctuary, a holy place of clarity, and a simple question came to me: What if I spent less time asking you to make my life better? What if we just walk together?'"

And these are the lyrics...

I see you
The summer sun reflecting off the stream
The cardinal is shaking off its wings
Near the water, where I wander
I see you
The leaves gently lifting in the breeze
A little girl with grass stains on her knees
Runs to her mother, just to hug her

Every sunset is a stained glass window
Every park bench is a pew
There's a sanctuary everywhere that I go
When my eyes are open
I see you

Standing in a crowded subway train
Somehow when I look in every face
It feels like family, I'm thinking maybe
I see you
In the people who are begging for their food
And the ones who pass them by in business suits
Everybody, has your heartbeat


I see the glory of the works Your hands have made
I see the beauty in the sinner and the saint 

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