Patrick Mayberry's "Holy Spirit Come" Receives the Thumbs Up from Cade Thompson, Anne Wilson, Kristian Stanfield & Others

Patrick Mayberry

Singer/songwriter Patrick Mayberry's brand new worship single "Holy Spirit Come" has received the thumbs up from many fellow artists and the media. Mayberry has also released a video to go with the song.  The video was directed by Elliott Eicheldinger, produced by Joshua Wurzelbacher and features James Duke on guitar, Bede Benjamin-Korporaal on piano, Dan Mackenzie on Bass and Tucker Wilson on Drums.

Fellow artists and the media have also rallied their support for the song including Cade Thompson and Anne Wilson. Kristian Stanfill raves, "What a legend!"  Neon Feathers surmises, "POWERR!"  "This is one track you we have been waiting for, and one you will be playing on repeat as you sing the words O Holy Spirit come!" exclaims Air1. "'Holy Spirit Come' is a high-energy invitation for the presence of God to dwell among the Church," adds Worship Leader.

Come like a flood

Like a fire

Holy Spirit

Fall in this place

Fill our hearts

O Holy Spirit come

(From Holy Spirit Come" Chorus)

Crafting songs steeped in community and with language meant to inspire a wide spectrum of worshippers to join in a heavenward chorus, all the latest Patrick Mayberry tour, music and more news can be found at SpotifyApple MusicYouTubeInstagramFacebook and Twitter.



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