The Jordan Family Band Opens Up About Their Dove Award Nomination, New Music & More

The Jordan Family Band

The Jordan Family Band represents something rare in today's Christian music: a complete family unit singing, playing, and ministering together. Bringing an exciting country gospel sound to the stage, their combination of energetic live musicianship, family harmony, and heart for ministry is truly remarkable. Very active on social media, the family primarily uses the various platforms to encourage, inspire, and love people through interactive, LIVE videos. God greatly used these efforts to give the JFB a breakout year in 2017 as they garnered over 18 million social media views on FacebookYouTube, and Instagram combined!

We are honored to be able to catch up with the Jordan Family Band for this exclusive interview.

Q: Thank you so much for doing this interview with us. Congratulations for being nominated for a GMA Dove Award this year? How does it feel to be nominated in the same category as Harry Connick Jr, Carrie Underwood, the Nelons and the Isaacs? 

It's honestly surreal, but truly an honor!! We were blown away when we were notified, but so happy for the family and everyone that has put in so much blessed!!

Q: How has the pandemic affected you? How has it affected your faith in Christ?

 The pandemic really hit the very month the new record was set to release back in March of 2020. By the middle of April we had already lost a ton of upcoming dates and knew it was going to really hurt us being able to promote the record. We were actually leaning towards not releasing the record and waiting until our concert dates came back, but we kept feeling like God was telling us, "now is the time, you trust me and I'll take care of the rest and my message will be heard." We trusted Him and this nomination we believe is Him saying, "See...all you have to do is trust!" So it has definitely increased our faith in His plan! 

Q: I have just read that you guys have 18 million social media views! Congratulations! Why is it important for you to keep in touch with fans on social media?

Social media allows us to expand out ministry! We can reach an audience that otherwise we may never reach if not for the ability to share on those platforms. We also are able to gain more support and book more events through the people we connect with on social media.

Q: Your latest album "A Little More Love" has also been receiving a lot of streams and download. What were some of the highlights in the making of this record?

It has been such a blessing seeing God use this record to help so many people! There's so many 'highlight moments', but I know we all can agree that the day we drove to Nashville and met with Gordon in his home for preproduction was a definite "wow" moment! Working with Gordon, the engineers and all the amazing musicians and just getting to witness every lyric and note come to life is almost unexplainable. It's moving!

Q: Who produced the album and what was it like working with him? 

Gordon Mote is our producer on this record and it has been one of the greatest musical experiences in our career so far! Everyone knows that Gordon is a phenomenal artist, musician, producer and all that comes with that, but we can all vouch that Gordon is truly a wonderful person and a true friend! When he approached us about coming on board we were so humbled and excited, but we could've only dreamed what it would mean to our family and our career!

Q: What I love about the album is that it sounds very diverse: you have the traditional as well as the contemporary country sounds to it. Is diversity of sound something you strive for in the making of this record?

Yes, most definitely! One of the main things we strive for is to put a variety of songs on a project so there is music for everyone. A touch of traditional, some country flare and contemporary pizazz! We want there to be a song for someone...or anyone, and especially, we want to keep the younger generation LOVING this music and craving to hear the gospel in song!

Q: Are you guys currently working on a new album now? If you are, give us a sneak peek at what the album is like. 

We have been writing for the next record and have some pre-production lined up for after the first of the year! The direction that the new record seems to be taken on is really exciting and we feel it will further showcase the diversity of the family band, our roots, just the down home kind of people we are and what our mission is! To encourage, inspire, tell real life stories and see lives changed! 

Q: Over the fall, are you guys touring? Where can our listeners go to learn more about you and your schedule?

We did do a limited tour this year, only touring June-November and it has been a blast getting back out and getting to see all of faces and feel the energy of the live band! We are very active on our social media platforms which is a great place to keep up with all things JFB (Facebook, Instagram) as well as our website, 


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