Gene Hoskins Reveals His Passion & Vision Behind "Homecoming"

Gene Hoskins

Gospel music singer and songwriter Gene Hoskins will be releasing his new album Homecoming on October 29th. HIs beautiful single "Make It With Jesus" is currently at radio. Hoskins originally released Homecoming independently in January 2021. It hit Top 14 on Billboard's Gospel chart. On October 29, 2021, Shanachie Entertainment will release a deluxe version of Homecoming with three new tracks, finally giving the recording the widespread visibility it deserves. 

Hoskins counts it a blessing, and privilege to minster on and off the stage to God's people. In addition to his music ministry, he owns his own psychology practice called Peace of Mind Psychological Services, PLLC located in Durham.  

Q: Gene, thanks for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourself: you are both a singer as well as a psychotherapist. Tell us more about your background.

Yes, I sure will. I am a native of North Carolina. I am also a PK and have been in church my whole life. I have been singing for as long as I can remember, and always have had a love for his music. I realized when I was younger that I've always had a sensitivity for the well-being of others, which I see now speaks to my purpose. God uses me to bring healing to people!

Q: How has your work in therapy helped your music ministry?

I have the cool opportunity of integrating both my educational/ professional expertise with my church background. I often get the chance to speak at churches about the importance of mental and emotional wholeness. My goal is to encourage, push, and minister to others about the importance of WHOLENESS in both the physical and emotional. We can't keep adorning the physical frame, and not addressing our broken mental state.

Q: I believe you were also an actor where you starred in the movie "The Lost Song." Tell us more about your acting and this movie you were in.

Yes! I get to get my "Denzel" and "Don Cheadle" on. I was blessed to play a version of James Cleveland in the movie produced and directed by Pastor John P. Kee. They even added hair to my head! LOL.  It was indeed an honor to be asked, and to learn so much from him.

Q: As a singer you have toured and sang with many Gospel music artists. Can you re-call your most memorable experience singing with or for another artist?

Yes! About two years ago, I had the opportunity to sing with Jonathan Nelson in Trinidad and Tobago. Now, we travel all over the world with him, but this crowd was well over 15,000 people! The energy was infectious, and I was so humbled to even have the opportunity!

Q: Tell us about your new single. Why are you excited about "Make It with Jesus"?

I am so hype about this single! It is fun, it is contagious, and it is "funky church." I believe it's cross-generational and even encourages you as you dance to it. This song is also so fun to sing live!

Q: Shanachie Entertainment is releasing a deluxe version of your new album HOMECOMING. Tell us more about this deluxe version.

Shanachie and I are super excited about this Deluxe version of "Homecoming." It includes three extra tracks, two of which are brand new songs! "All Things New" and "Champion," both require you to turn the radio up and clear some space in your living room to dance. I can't wait to see the people enjoy my heart in music form!

Q: How do you wish your music would impact the lives of your listeners

Have you ever experienced art to the point that when you fully took it in, it changed you? It moved you? That's the impact. I want people to engage in introspection, healing, and experience joy throughout the course of this body of work. I want them to feel my heart. 

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