"God’s Not Dead" Film Director Harold Cronk Publishes Children’s Book, "The Beard Ballad"

Harold Cronk

Director of the acclaimed, award-winning movie "God's Not Dead," Harold Cronk has released his first children's book, The Beard Ballad. The book tells the tale of a father who bonds with his son as their beards grow long for the month of November. Capturing the heart of what it means for a father to love, The Beard Ballad also presents a great opportunity for parents to teach their children about God's love. 

The inspiration for The Beard Ballad came two years ago when Cronk's then-5-year-old son gave him a hug and rubbed his cheek against his dad's. "He pushed me away and said, 'Dad, your face is all pokey and rough.' I told him, 'Those are my 'Ferocious Facial Follicles!' In that moment, The Beard Ballad was born."

While Cronk wrote a book that could be read to all children, it's specially designed for fathers and sons. Cronk observed, "As fathers, we can be so busy working to provide for our families that we sometimes forget how important it is to invest our time in growing good young men who will own the future."

Cronk dedicated the book to his father, who died of Alzheimer's Disease two years ago, and who showed him what it meant to be a man. Cronk says, "he gave me more than he could have ever imagined."

Cronk credited Troy Duhon, executive producer of the 'God's Not Dead' films, for his help making the book become a reality: "Troy was really enthusiastic about it and helped direct me to the resources I needed to get it published. He also helped show the book to the Robertson family from the 'Duck Dynasty' television series." 

The book features illustrations from Casey S. Fritz. "Casey was wonderful to work with. He took my concepts and brought the vision to life," Cronk said. 

The Beard Ballad by Harold Cronk is available now from Amazon and directly from the author by visiting  



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