Shaylee Simeone Encourages Us to be Open to Jesus with "Hear Me Out"

Shaylee Simeone

Nashville-based singer/songwriter and worship leader Shaylee Simeone has just released her brand single "Hear Me Out." Written by Ethan Hulse, Luke Brown and Simeone, "Hear Me Out" speaks about how God is always open to listen to us.

Simeone writes, "The world can be a good listener, but it can be deceiving at times. The church can be a good listener, but it can be judgmental at times. Family and friends can be good listeners, but they can be biased at times. Therapists can be good listeners, but (as obsessed as I am with mine) they are imperfect humans just like everybody else. Ultimately, none of these things are Jesus."

With Jesus, we can be honest in our communication with him. Simeone continues, "These days I'm constantly terrified of saying the wrong thing. I don't want to offend anyone, let someone down, hurt someone's feelings, come across the wrong way, etc. It is exhausting! And scary. And luckily we don't have to do that with God.

Despite how maybe the church has hurt you, Christians have hurt you, people you've trusted have let you down, that isn't Jesus. That's not who He is. He cares about you and wants to hear the deepest concerns and longings inside your soul.

I hope this song is a reminder of that to you, because I daily have to remind myself. Ultimately it doesn't matter what the world thinks of you (that's a hard one for me). It matters what God thinks of you. And He loves you and isn't afraid of your questions, your anger, your doubt. You can bring them to Him. I promise he won't blow up your comment section or cancel you."

With pop-inspired music that is inherently congregational, Simeone took her first step with a single debut of "Dearly Loved" in July 2019, and it now has over 2 million streams on Apple Music. For years now, Shaylee has enjoyed being a part of several music projects focused on sync/licensing while consistently leading worship at her local church; it's no wonder that writing worship music that feels universally accessible has been such a natural transition. Relatable while rooted in solid Biblical theology, Shaylee longs for her music to be "singable for a normal group of humans." 

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