Michael Landingham Leaves Christian Music Duo Lion and Bear

Lion and Bear

Andrew Enos, one half of BEC Recordings duo Lion & Bear, announces that his co-member Michael Landingham is now pursuing his own solo career. He is in the process of recording his own solo album. Enos has yet to announce if Lion & Bear will become a solo act or he will be inviting another or more members to join. 

Enos writes, "I wanted to officially let you all know, our other founding member Michael Landingham stepped away from Lion & Bear in August of 2021. He is doing really cool things in music right now.

"In fact, he's in the process of recording his first solo studio album. He has been one of my best friends since we were in high school. I love him and am grateful for the time we had in this band. Lion & Bear will not be the same without him. Show him some love as he steps into his new musical journey!" 

Hailing from southern California, Lion & Bear - a moniker inspired by the biblical story of David & Goliath - is a family band to its core. Members Andrew Enos and Michael Landingham are brothers-in-law (Michael is married to Andrew's sister), both work at their respective churches, and both have experienced devastating losses. 

They also both share that their unthinkable tragedies were followed by a stark realization: most people don't know how to grieve. Lion & Bear was fashioned from the ashes of their tremendous anguish as an effort to not only find healing but to share that healing with others. Their message is clear - if you go to the depths of your humanity, God will be there.  

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