GAWVI Dropped by Label Amidst Divorce and Sexual Scandal


Producer and Christian hip-hop artist GAWVI has been dropped by REACH Records following allegations that he sent unsolicited explicit photos to women while he was married. GAWVI has also been removed as one of the performers at the label's upcoming We Are Unashamed Tour. 

"Due to behavior that is inconsistent with our core values, we have ended our professional relationship with GAWVI," Reach Records said in a statement Monday afternoon.

"This was a tough decision for us because of the level of complexity and because we invest in our artists not just for their talent, but also as brothers and sisters in Christ. This is something we have been processing for over a year and have wrestled with what would be the right way forward. New details that were provided made us realize today's decision was necessary." 

Gawvi had announced he was getting divorced on his Instagram account Saturday, saying he and his wife had separated back in 2020. The couple have two small children together.



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