Billy Graham's Granddaughter Rachel-Ruth Lotz Undergoes Cardiac Rehab

Rachel-Ruth Lotz

Rachel-Ruth Lotz, the granddaughter of the late Billy Graham and daughter of Anne Graham Lotz, will enter cardiac rehab after suffering two heart attacks. Last month, Rachel-Ruth was hospitalised after suffering two back-to-back heart attacks.

Anne Graham has revealed the cause of her daughter's heart attacks. "While the ER doctor initially thought Rachel-Ruth may have Broken Heart Syndrome, the cardiologist diagnosed SCAD: Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection, which is extremely serious and resulted in her two heart attacks."

According to Anne Graham,Rachel-Ruth has been registered for cardiac rehab. "It has been pure joy for my daughter Morrow and me to come alongside Rachel-Ruth during her recent life-threatening double heart-attacks... This morning she registered for cardiac rehab, a critical first step towards recovery."

"Thank you for continuing to pray for all of us in this faith-stretching journey. Please pray for Rachel-Ruth's restoration to full health and strength with no set-backs or complications."



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