7 Things to Know About The Belonging Co's "Here"

The Belonging Co

The Belonging Co, a quickly-growing church based in Nashville, TN, has announced their fourth live album, Here. Here are seven things to know about this new record.

1. The album is set to be released on March 25, 2022.

2. You can pre-save/ pre-add launch the album now.

3. Here is a reflection of live worship moments that were captured within the church with the hope of bringing listeners into a personal encounter with God. Each song on the nine-track album does the same: invites every listener into a moment of encounter with God. 

4. The lead single off the record is "Because of Christ" (feat. Henry Seeley). The song is an invitation for listeners to reflect on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and celebrate with a triumphant declaration of the sacrifice of Christ by releasing an anthemic praise for the completed work of the cross.  

About the song Seeley says, "We first started leading 'Because of Christ' on Easter Sunday this past year and it immediately became an anthem for our church. Sometimes we can focus on Easter as being this deep, solemn moment; but actually, what Jesus did didn't end in the grave - it overcame the grave! It doesn't mean we ignore the pain and the sacrifice of Easter, but that only serves to show how great was the victory of the resurrection of Jesus - because of this victorious moment, we can declare 'Hallelujah! We serve a God who has overcome the grave - a Savior who is risen!' As we have been leading this song in our church community, I have loved seeing that revelation come alive in people; seeing it come alive in the room; seeing people connect to the understanding that we've got something to celebrate!"  

7. Here's a listen to "Because of Christ" (feat. Henry Seeley):

6. Here's the tracklist:

1. Passion (Live) | Feat. Andrew Holt

2. Come Alive (Resurrection Power) (Live) | Feat. Hope Darst

3. Everything Is Changing (Live) | Feat. Shantrice Laura

4. Nothing Like Your Presence (Spontaneous) (Live) | Feat. Henry Seeley

5. Firm Foundation (He Won't) (Live) | Feat. Cody Carnes

6. Supply (Live) | Feat. Ben Cantelon

7. No Turning Back (Live) | Feat. Hope Darst

8. Always There (Live) | Feat. Natalie Grant

9. Because of Christ (Live) | Feat. Henry Seeley 

7. Here's the album cover:

The Belonging Co Announces Upcoming Album, HERE, Set To Release March 25 

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