Lee Greenwood Releases the "God Bless The USA" Bible

Lee Greenwood

Country music veteran Lee Greenwood has released the God Bless The USA Bible. This limited-edition Bible is based on Greenwood's signature song "God Bless the USA." The first album it appears on is Greenwood's 1984 album You've Got a Good Love Comin'.  It reached No. 7 on the Billboard magazine Hot Country Singles chart when originally released in the spring of 1984 

"I'm grateful for the impact 'God Bless The USA,' has had over the past four decades and hopeful that this new opportunity will bring continued encouragement and hope to Americans everywhere," says Greenwood. 

The limited-edition custom God Bless The USA Bible features the popular King James Version translation of the Bible with the additional inclusion of America's "founding documents" -The Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and Pledge of Allegiance. Additionally, it will include the handwritten chorus lyrics of "God Bless The USA" penned by Greenwood, who both wrote and recorded the song now beloved by an entire nation.

"The Bible will be presented in limited-edition as a "thin line" edition measuring 7"x10"x 1" with easy-read large print and bound in embossed leather lite. We are hoping it will bring renewed hope to America at a time most needed and become a treasured Bible that is ultimately passed down as a family heirloom," says Hugh Kirkpatrick, President of Elite Source Pro.

The "God Bless The USA Bible" is available for purchase now online at 

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