Getting to Know TikTok Sensation & Christian Artist Olivia Lane

Olivia Lane

Most people know Olivia Lane from her appearance on NBC's "Songland," from her natural comedic timing on TikTok, or from the highly lauded entrepreneurial spirit that led to the launch of her own publishing venture Liv Write Play Music. Lane has recently released her new single "I Believe It Now," her duet with the chart-topping Christian band Sidewalk Prophets.

Originally released on Sidewalk Prophets' The Things That Got Us Here in 2020, "I Believe It Now" immediately resonated with Lane, who saw her personal journey of finding Christ reflected in the song's lyrics. "I Believe It Now" marks the second faith-driven hit by Olivia Lane, who released "Woman at the Well" - a single inspired not only by her turn to God, but also her longtime roots in modern country music - in 2021. 

"A star in the making," says Dave Frey, lead singer and founder of Sidewalk Prophets. "She's already a star in our hearts but I'm telling you, you're going to hear more and more of Olivia."  

A Houston native, Lane spent time in Los Angeles and graduated from the University of Southern California before settling in Nashville in 2013. Her sweet, soulful voice and insightful songwriting helped Lane earn an enthusiastic following and she continues to grow her audience exponentially on her socials.

After years of writing, recording and performing, Lane's path took a dark turn in 2017 when the anxiety and stress she'd put herself through had taken its toll. "I literally lost my voice. I knew music was my calling, but somehow I'd lost myself. I had to go on a journey to remember who I was," she says.

"What I've learned is that it takes some dark moments to find the light again." Songs like "Woman At The Well" showcase her forging a path of allowing God to take the reins of her career. At her essence Lane is a singer/songwriter/entertainer and she's excited for her audience to experience the songs on Heart Change, out September 2021. 

Lane will also be marrying fiancé Chase Guyton this coming April!

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