Dara Maclean Reveals How a Prophetic Dream Gave Birth to "Full Access"

Dara Maclean

Soulful vocalist Dara Maclean returns with a brand new single "Full Access." The song, which is the lead single from new album River (available May 20th), is an invitation to Jesus to inhabit every "room" of our lives. Maclean reveals that the song came from a prophetic dream she received.

Maclean reveals, "God gave me this song in a dream.⁣ I was walking down a long hallway. there were doors on either side as far as I could see. ⁣⁣I knew this hallway was my heart. ⁣I saw Jesus at the beginning of the hallway, i was standing behind him. without looking back, he extended his hand to me, ⁣an invitation for Him to walk into every door, and every room of my heart and heal it the back to the way He originally intended." ⁣

"Crazy thing was, each door we opened," she continues. "Jesus was already in the room. ⁣He had a paintbrush in His hand. He dipped His brush in crimson red paint, ⁣but when he painted the wall, it was pure, bright white. ⁣He painted every square inch of that room until it literally looked like a perfect blank canvas ⁣for him to begin again on."⁣

She concludes, "This is the work of daily inner healing with Holy Spirit and I pray this song provides you with a musical vehicle to explore and heal the rooms of your heart with God." 

The Texas-bred vocalist/songwriter first sparked the music industry's interest with her debut,You Got My Attention, which entered the iTunes Christian & Gospel Albums chart at No. 1 in 2011 and garnered her a nomination for "New Artist of the Year" at the 43rd Annual Dove Awards. In addition to being a passionate artist, Maclean is also a fervent advocate for the International Justice Mission, an organization that is pioneering the fight against human trafficking. For more details please visit:

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