Bethel Global Response Brings Truckloads of Food to the Damaged Town of Kharkiv, Ukraine

Bethel Global Response

With the ongoing war in Ukraine, the crisis is escalating each day. Bethel Church has been reaching out to respond to the crisis in Ukraine and is seeing the Lord move in powerful ways. Through their Bethel Global Response, they have brought in their first truckload of food and essentials to the heavily damaged town of Kharkiv in Eastern Ukraine near the Russian border where the greatest needs exist.

A distribution chain has been established across the nation of Ukraine with almost 50 churches activated as drop off points, run by courageous men and women who are helping others in desperate need despite their own loss.Literal tons of goods have already gone out with so much more on the way. Semi trucks and planeloads of food & essentials are on their way to this new corridor of hope. 

Through the relational network of the missionaries in this region, many opportunities have opened up for both our BGR team and other organizations to serve in Ukraine. These long-term missionaries are heroes, and are in place for such a time as this.

In partnership with @mercychefs, churches throughout Romania and Ukraine have distributed over 100 metric tons of food and needed supplies into towns that have been hit the hardest with little to no aid. This is just the start as we have many more trucks and planes in process.

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