Filmmaker Tracy Robinson On the Issue of Abortion & Her New Film "The Matter of Life"

Tracy Robinson

New docu-film THE MATTER OF LIFE brings clarity to one of the most contentious issue of our day: abortion. The film is an examination of the fundamental question regarding abortion in such a time as this: Are the unborn one of us? This award-winning documentary looks at the impact of abortion through the lens of history, philosophy and morality.

Featuring the stories of abortion industry workers, post-abortive women, faith leaders, and secularists, as well as experts in the history and legal framework that shaped abortion decisions in America, The Matter of Life explores an opportunity for dialogue on perhaps the most important way forward for our time. 

We are honored to be able to catch up with filmmaker Tracy Robinson. She been in the film industry, primarily working as a video editor, for over a decade. Several years ago, she heard the case against abortion for the first time and was immediately inspired to make her first feature film, THE MATTER OF LIFE.  Knowing that 4 in 10 women who have had abortions attended church in the month they became pregnant, the mission is to reach the Christian audience.  

Q: Tracy, thank you for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourself: when did you first become interested in the issue of abortion?

In 2016, I was commissioned to create videos for a pregnancy resource center. I admired what the ministry did for women, but at that time I was not very pro-life. Even as an evangelical Christian, I was somewhat in the middle on the issue and was apathetic about it at best. Then the staff of the Pregnancy Center invited me to an apologetics conference presented by Stand to Reason and the topic was "The Case Against Abortion" - in less than two hours, I learned the science of embryology, the philosophy and logic of the pro-life case, and saw images of abortion aftermath. The truth struck me and I immediately knew the message needed to be in the form of a documentary film. I was eager to learn about how abortion became such a contentious issue in society. In my research I discovered the multi-faceted and diverse pro-life movement and powerful stories therein, and I continued to be inspired. 

Q: Very briefly, why do you think abortion is wrong?

I believe abortion is wrong because it's wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human being, and that's exactly what an abortion does. Nothing made me more convinced of this than when I looked at fetal development, and also learned the details of abortion procedures.
Q: How does the new film THE MATTER OF LIFE help us to understand this issue in fresh and deeper ways?

Rather than "preaching to the choir," The Matter of Life unravels the abortion issue and helps the audience understand not only intellectually but emotionally the truth about abortion. The film addresses common concerns and valid questions surrounding this issue. Hopefully, people are challenged to humanize the unborn and regard them as equal members in society.

Q: What were some of the highlights in the making of this film?

When I learned the statistic that 4 in 10 women who've had an abortion attended church in the month they became pregnant (Care Net Study, 2015), for me it coorelated with another startling realization after reading the book "Deliver Us From Abortion" by Brian Fisher -that more than half of protestant church denominations in America are silent on the issue, or make exceptions for abortion. Another point that I learned while filming was the simple notion that "the pro-life movement needs more engaged people." I hope and pray that this film helps fill that need. I believe this film can be a rally cry for the American Church and that so many more Christians would be called to pro-life action in their own communities.

Q: What were some of the challenges along the way?

One of the biggest challenges was getting people -speakers, experts, etc-on board to be interviewed for the film. Many were hesitant, understandably. It's a very difficult topic to address, let alone trust an unknown director to handle via her first feature film. 
Q: How can this film be of help to people who have had an abortion or know of friends who have had an abortion?

In the theatrical release on May 16 & 17, the audience will get to see an exclusive interview after the film in which the COO of Save the Storks shares her healing journey from an abortion in her past. We also offer resources on our website at

For those who are struggling with an abortion in their past, one of the best places to find help is 

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