The 3 Heath Brothers On Impacting Both the Young and Old with Their New Album

The 3 Heath Brothers

The 3 Heath Brothers, which comprises of Nicholas, Clayton, & Christian Heath, are back with their sophomore album. Into The Deep is scheduled to be released on July 15. Produced by Roger Talley, the album places the Brothers' youthful energy, sibling harmonies and appreciation for contemporary sounds in the service of the same truths that have inspired generations of Southern Gospel artists before them. 

We are honored to be able to catch up with the Heath Brothers for this exclusive interview.

Q: Thank you guys for doing this interview with us. Your debut album was highly successful, which even won you the Favorite New Artist award in 2020's Singing News Fan Awards. How does that make you feel?

We have been blown away by the support and love our fans and friends have shown to us. We were not expecting to win anything but we are extremely grateful that our music is resonating with people all across the country.

Q: With the success, did that give you added pressure when you were making your follow-up album?

 I don't think we necessarily felt pressure but we definitely wanted to do our very best to represent Christ well. From the songs, to the production, to the graphics, we worked really hard to make sure this new record is the best it can be.

Q: What were the type of songs you were looking for when you made "Into the Deep"?

We sing to all different types of audiences, from public high school students to gospel music fans. So we wanted to make sure the songs we wrote for this record would be relatable to a broad spectrum and also be songs that we would enjoy singing and performing.

Q: The press release says these new songs have the ability to speak to listeners both young and old. What allows your music to transcend the age barrier?

Well, we are still pretty young and we like to have a lot of fun so it's been fairly easy for us to connect with young people our age and kids as well! But we didn't record these songs because they are fun to sing. We chose them because they have our deepest messages in them and that means a lot to the older people, especially those who want to hear these truths in music.

Q: How do you wish these songs would impact the lives of your listeners?

We hope that this record encourages your heart, gives you hope for the future, and inspires you to pursue a deeper relationship with God. We wrote five of these songs, but we don't create music to make a name for ourselves. We do what we do because we truly believe that at the end of the day, "It's not about's all about Jesus!"

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