Brooke Ligertwood Offers a FREE 7-Day Devotional "SEVEN"

Brooke Ligertwood

GRAMMY® Award-winning songwriter, producer and critically-acclaimed artist Brooke Ligertwood announces that she has written a 7-day devotional series that is FREE for everyone to subscribe to. The devotional goes through the 'seven letters' to the churches in the book of Revelation (chapters 2-3). Click HERE to subscribe.

In this plan, each day will study a different letter to the churches of Revelation, focusing on themes of communion, devotion, discipleship, repentance, evangelism (and more), as well as featuring lyrics from songs throughout the album 'SEVEN' by Brooke Ligertwood. 

Ligertwood writes, "I'm excited to be bringing this tool to you in hopes that an intentional time of study on the themes behind SEVEN will lead you to an even greater revelation of Jesus." 

Recorded live in Nashville, Tenn., "SEVEN" features a band composed of gifted musicians from the breadth of the modern worship movement (Hillsong, Bethel, Vineyard, Elevation), a 30-piece choir, and a collection of stunning new prayer-soaked songs written and arranged in line with Ligertwood's singular vision with Jesus at the center. 

For more information, please visit  

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