Here Are the Lyrics and Video of Mia Fieldes' "Steeples"

Mia Fieldes

Grammy award nominated songwriter and singer Mia Fieldes has partnered with Essential Worship to release her brand new single "Steeples."  Having written for and performed in the album recordings released by Hillsong for many years, Fieldes moved her craft to Nashville USA where she has continued her passion to write songs that inspire people with hope and faith.

Some of the songs co-written by Fieldes include Zach Williams' "Chain Breaker," Bethel Music's "Have It All," Belonging Co's "Isn't He (This Jesus)," Kim Walker-Smith's "Throne Room" among many others. 

Here are the lyrics:


You don't need a building
To meet with a heart
You're never too busy
You don't make it hard

You don't need a service
To transform a life
Your arms are an alter
Always open wide

But If You want a tent
To start a revival
I'll prepare the way
I don't need a title
If You want a church
I'll be a cathedral
You be the glory
I'll be the steeple

I'll become a temple
Spare no expense
Where You'll be exalted
And we will be friends

And when people come
I pray they'd encounter
Jesus alone
The truest of treasures
When people come
No matter their story
I pray they'd be changed
From glory to glory 


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