Worship Leaders Cody and Julie Oliver Hope to Stir Hunger and Faith with Their New Album

Pastors Cody and Julie Oliver

Worship leaders Cody and Julie Oliver are getting ready to release their worship album Come & Move. Videos from the live album are been released on Youtube, to wonderful response and abundant testimonies from listeners.

The Olivers currently serve on staff as the worship pastors for ResurgentATL, a thriving church in Marietta, GA.. Over the past year they have introduced new original worship songs in their church every month. The songs were received better than they ever hoped and accomplished just what was wanted - that people would worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth, with language that stirred hunger and faith in the community for more of Him.

With a love for worship leading, teaching on worship, and imparting fresh passion for ministry in the local church, Cody and Julie are excited to release their first live worship album Come and Move.

Q: Cody and Julie, thank you for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourselves: tell us a little about your current ministry. 

Thank you for having us! We are on staff at Resurgent Church in Atlanta, GA as worship pastors. In the spring of 2022 we recorded our first live worship album, which releases on September 9th. Two singles from the record are already out - "Good Ground" and "Redeem It All". Our passion is to teach people how to worship God in Spirit and Truth (John 4:23) through song and message that stirs a hunger for His Word and presence.

Q: Cody, I have read that you have had a dramatic healing testimony as a young child, tell us more about what happened and how that has impacted your life?

Of course, when I was about 5 months old, my family was in a terrible car accident where my mother and I were thrown from the vehicle. After waking up on the side of the highway, my mom had an encounter with a bright light that told her, "Don't worry, your baby doesn't hurt anymore, he's dead." She rebuked the figure quoting Psalm 118, "No, Cody will live and not die and proclaim the marvelous works of the Lord". It immediately left her. The doctors said she would never walk again, but has since run 2 marathons. The hospital team said that I would be severely handicapped, but instead I was totally healed! I understand now that I'm walking out that prophetic declaration (Psalm 118:17). 

Q: You have a brand live new album coming out. Tell us when and why did you decide to record your record? Why a live album?

In the summer of 2021, we began to write songs inspired by messages being spoken over our church and just from our time in the Word. We snuck a couple of those originals into our Sunday morning sets, and the feedback was very encouraging. Wanting to steward these songs well, we began to dream of producing a full record and asked the Lord how to do it! With support from our church, family, friends and other churches all over, we were able to record everything at a worship night in March of this year. We wanted it to sound authentic to us as worship leaders - what better way than just to be leading among your church family? It was so much fun, and we're excited to share the final product of that evening very soon! 

Q: Is it easy for the two of you to write together?  What inspires you to write?

Just like in any marriage, we both have our own personalities, strengths and weaknesses. We've learned how to hone in on those to work and write really well together! For me (Julie) I'm a total lyrics person. I love laying things out clearly but in a poetic way. Cody is a genius at melodies and arrangements, and a fantastic lyric writer, too. We bring our ideas together and strengthen one another! Our inspiration for writing really just comes from the time we spend with the Lord. We study the Word, listen, pray and respond to God. If it's applicable, we can take that personal response and form it into something unifying so that a church can worship God with songs. 

Q: Tell us more about your first single "Good Ground." What is the song about? And what's the story behind it?

This song was the last and the quickest one we wrote, we didn't even know if it would end up on the album! Fast forward, and it's the first single we put out! Funny how that happens - we just felt such a grace to write and complete this one. It was written out of the Parable of the Sower, and is a heart cry for a hunger for the Word of God and the rain of the Spirit to come and saturate us. We want our hearts to be receptive to Jesus, and to be like the good ground described in Mark 4. We believe that what you sing often affects what you believe, so writing from the scriptures is super fun and important to us. 

Q: How has the making of this new album impacted and grown your faith in Christ?

It's been an adventure! From the dreaming stages to funding, recording to producing, and now releasing, every step has required a new level of faith and obedience. We've had to trust God in His timing and provision like never before. Leaning into God and hearing His voice is what makes it happen. When you get a word from God, nothing can stop you! 

Q: How do you think your new songs will help and minister to the lives of your listeners?

When we look back on different seasons of our lives, we can place certain songs there that really have marked us and affected our walk with God. Like a scent that brings back a memory, there are some worship albums that bring back such a "first love" feeling, zeal for God, and hope. Our prayer is that this record will be that for some. We want these songs to stir up hunger and faith in each listener, and inspire them to be worshippers of Spirit and Truth. (John 4:23).

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