Greater Vision Releases "Think About There" Today

Greater Vision

Greater Vision releases their brand new album Think About There today. The new record features brand-new songs, written by Chris Allman, Jon Epley, Rodney Griffin, and a host of other great songwriters. Each new song was specifically chosen to deliver a message of encouragement and hope. These songs are also chosen to remind us of the glories of heaven.

The team write, "Think About There, our brand-new recording, featuring 11 great songs we know you will enjoy! Get yours TODAY at your favorite Christian Bookstore, from our website, on your favorite digital music platform."

The album features the lead single "Older People," written by Rodney Griffin and Jim Brady. Gerald Wolfe, the group's founder, writes, "The first time I heard it, I immediately thought of the people who made lasting impressions on me, when I was a kid. They weren't famous. I would suppose that not too many people outside of our Church, and the places they worked, even knew their names. The truth is... They weren't 'old'... They were actually probably younger than I am today, but when I was a kid, anyone over 30 seemed 'old' to me. LOL... But their stories, their testimonies, Sunday School lessons, special-music solos, and the ways they took interest in a little kid who wanted to sing and learn to play the organ and piano, made impacts that literally set the course of my life.

"My guess is YOU have those same types of people in your background... 'Older People' who took an interest in you, and invested into your life, and helped you become the Christian you are today. All of us should want to be one of those "older people" for the generation coming behind us... Those 'kids' NEED solid "older people" in their lives... just like we did. I hope the new song will bring back some good memories for you, and encourage you to plant and water the seeds of faith for the next generation of 'Older People.'"


01. Think About There 

02. I Know A God Like That 

03. This Kind of Friend 

04. Older People 

05. Sittin At A Table With Lazarus 

06. I'll Never Break The Heart of God 

07. A Street of Glory 

08. Your Healing Is On The Way 

09. You Better Get On Board 

10. These Are They 

11. Someone Is Praying For You 

Since December of 1990, Greater Vision has inspired audiences around the world with their rich vocal blend and their effective ability to communicate the message of the gospel.  They have established a firm place at the pinnacle of Christian music, becoming the most awarded trio in the history of Gospel music.

Gerald Wolfe, the group's founder, serves as Pianist and Emcee. Multi-Award-winning Songwriter, Rodney Griffin, sings the Lead part for the trio. Chris Allman, Gospel Music's Favorite Tenor, and also a prolific songwriter, sings Tenor. Jon Epley is the newest member of the group having joined April of 2017 as the Baritone singer. He is also a songwriter.

Greater Vision appears regularly on the InTouch television program, hosted by Dr. Charles Stanley. They also appear on the Gaither Gospel Video Series. Gerald also served as a co-host on Bill Gaither's syndicated "Homecoming Radio" Show, for several years, which was heard weekly on almost 3000 radio stations around the world, as well as on satellite radio. One of their most recent endeavors is as a part of the very popular "Gospel Music Hymn Sing" DVDs and coinciding GMHS events across the USA.




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