Anne Wilson Invites All Women to Join "Hey Girl Nation"

Anne Wilson

Capitol CMG artist and songwriter, Anne Wilson invites all women to join Hey Girl Nation. Hey Girl Nation is a movement and community for girls and women of all ages to connect with new friends, find daily inspiration, and spread the message that Anne Wilson shares in her new song, "Hey Girl": feel empowered just as you are because your worth is defined in Christ alone.

Hey Girl Nation will be the center of contests, promotions, exclusive content, and more surprises to support Anne and her music. You don't want to miss this! Sign up below to become a member of Hey Girl Nation, and bring a few friends along with you.    

Wilson writes, "Hey Girl Nation is important to me because it shows the value of keeping your identity in Jesus. So many of us go through life putting our identity in what other people think and say about us, and it's exhausting. One of my friends changed my life in seventh grade. She said to me, "Anne you are precious in the eyes of God. You are His precious daughter." This truth blew me away. Hey Girl Nation was created to remind you that you were made in the image of God. Let that truth guide you!"

Meanwhile, Wilson's "Hey Girl" multitrack EP is available everywhere now! Wilson continues, "This song holds such a special place in my heart. I wrote it to remind you that YOU are a child of the most high King. You can listen to all 3 new versions of the song now, and don't forget to tell me which is your favorite - Hey Girl (Kentucky Version), Hey Girl (Live from Rock The South), and Hey Girl (Radio Version)."


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