David Dunn Reminds God is With Us Even Where "Hurt Is"

David Dunn

BEC Recordings singer and songwriter David Dunn returns with his brand new single "Hurt Is."  The song speaks about the abiding presence of God. God is not only with us in the happy times. He is also with us in our messes and in our hurts. 

Dunn writes, "Jesus loves us, always --- but there are times when we recognize His love more. When we can see Him with clarity... pain, loss, and heartbreak make us aware of how heavily we rely on Him- and He always finds us where the hurt is." 

Sometimes you gotta learn the hard way
Gotta do some hard things
It's gonna be rough
Sometimes ya gotta fall face down
All the way to the ground
Before you get up

And it's never really easy
But the best things never are
I'm showing You the pieces
Of my broken heart

God with You it's all or nothing
But it scares me when I'm falling
Cause I'm stuck here in the deep end
I feel alone
God I know You got a purpose
And Your love for me is perfect
And You find me where the dirt is
And You love me where the hurt is

A brilliant, soulful singer/songwriter, this Midland, Texas native writes in unfiltered, human terms, mirroring doubt and faith in a single stroke. Dunn doesn't use churchy language, and he ignores sonic blueprints, fusing and confusing genre confines. And he does this with great intention, valuing art as the context for music, as much as for conveying a spiritual message. 

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