Gable Price and Friends ReDefine Themselves with "The Consequence Of Being Alive"

Gable Price and Friends

California-bread rock and roll band Gable Price and Friends are thrilled to announce that they will be releasing their new album The Consequence Of Being Alive on November 11th. You can pre-order or pre-add the record right here.  

With the release of The Consequence Of Being Alive, the band is redefining who Gable Price and Friends is. With a more indie-rock sound and songs that are less spiritual and more personal to Price's life, The Consequence Of Being Alive is a lesson in forging a new path. It doesn't hurt that there are some killer album credits, too. Gable's friend and mentor Jon Foreman (Switchfoot) is a featured artist on track #8 "How It Sets You Free," which they co-wrote together with Tim Foreman. Other noteworthy writing credits include Judah Akers (Judah & the Lion) on "I Don't Wanna Live Like This" and Caleb Chapman (Colony House) on "Tough Love." 

To build anticipation for the album, the team has released the single  "Easy To Love You." "It's easy to love until you have to tie love in with trust. The two don't always coexist well," Gable Price writes, "Nearing the end of the album this song is meant to provide a tension, and also guide you to accept the tension for something that will always be there." As the song builds, Price's words pierce through the chorus, a visceral plea of sorts, as he lays it all on the table. 

You can check out the previously-released music video for "Brother Jack" here and "Upside" here.

The Consequence Of Being Alive Tracklist:

  1. Upside
  2. Brother Jack
  3. Tough Love
  5. Treason
  6. I Don't Wanna Live Like This
  7. Jesus Christ (Hold Me Steady)
  8. How It Sets You Free (with Jon Foreman)
  9. Lucky #17
  10. Easy To Love You
  11. The Consequence Of Being Alive

Gable Price and Friends is a four-piece alternative rock and roll band, with a whole lot of damage to do and a whole lot of cities to play. Currently residing in Northern California; three Midwest boys and a Californian (Gable Price, Cameron Pablo, Daniel Vargas, and Adam Elizararraz) continue to gain ground, turn heads and provide a euphoric live and recorded experience. From recording their demos in a garage, and Gables 1977 Camper van: "The Dreamboat," to recently signing with Capitol CMG, the boys have no intention of slowing down anytime soon. 

Gable Price and Friends are known for sentimental, provocative lyrics regarding the human condition, screaming guitars and bass, with driving drums that make you wanna get a speeding ticket. This group of 20-somethings is eager for the public to hear their new record, their new single "Brother Jack," and excited to share the songs with a group of sweaty people in a venue somewhere, sometime. Keep your head straight, hopes up, heart right; and remember to be a good friend. 

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