New Docudrama "Why the Nativity?" Explains Why Christmas is Such a Pivotal Event in History

Why the Nativity

New docudrama, produced by Dr. David Jeremiah's Turning Point MinistriesWhy the Nativity? explores the meaning of the Christmas event. The biblical story of the Nativity is well-recorded; however, over the centuries, tradition has often influenced the retelling of the story of Jesus' birth-perhaps more than we realize. The Bible presents a clear narrative of the story, but beyond just a few chapters of text much of the detail is left untold. These mysteries, lost to the passage of time, facilitated the creative liberty to bring the Nativity story to life as never before.

Why the Nativity? explores questions, facts, and history seldom seen in traditional Nativity stories-from the influence of Roman rule, to the identities of the Wise Men, to the back story of Mary and Joseph as children. This is the story of a couple accepting a monumental change, of a journey fraught with danger, of oppressive rule, of the lowliest of society together with kings and wisemen from around the ancient world journeying to see a God not their own but worshipping Him still. It is a story for the entire world, a timeless tale of the greatest gift of love and peace in an unstable world. A literal turning point in human history and the power of its influence today.

Why the Nativity? will be available on Turning Point Television, Turning Point+, and Fox Nation starting Thanksgiving Day. It will also air on Lifetime Television on Christmas Day. A made for television version has been adapted and will air on Turning Point's regularly scheduled daily and weekend programs in December. In addition, the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. will be playing Why the Nativity? in its theaters from December 2 until January 6.

Why the Nativity? was filmed entirely in Southern California and employed a cast and crew of 920 individuals. Turning Point employed Hollywood, Broadway, and Disney professionals to bring this story to life in the aftermath of COVID. The main set was built from the ground up on private property in the eastern part of San Diego County. It is the largest film production to build and film in San Diego County since Titanic.


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