TAYA Begins 2023 with a New Version of "All About Jesus"


Globally renowned worship leader TAYA begins 2023 with the release of a new version of "ALL ABOUT JESUS," a track from her debut album. It's out today for you to hear and to set your mind, heart, and year on Jesus.

TAYA talks about the song. "This song was a bit of a surprise landing on the album, but one that I am really grateful for. It is the simplest confession. That Jesus is everything."

She goes on to chat about how the song came about. "Initially, I wrote this song for my friend's kids and realized early on how much I connected with it because it was so simple and easy to understand. Jesus is our friend, our savior, and our greatest love. As Christians, sometimes we can over complicated things, but the message of this song brings it back to a simple truth.

"I pray that it would encourage you in your own relationship with Jesus, and that this simple confession would find its way deep down in your heart and make you realize who Jesus is to you, and that it really is all about Him. Here's to another year of walking with You, Jesus. I pray that my life and my testimony would be all about You."

The world was first introduced to TAYA on UNITED's RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum global worship anthem "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)" and since then, her voice has become an unmistakable clarion call to worship across the world. Driven by hundreds of millions of streams for "Oceans" and others like "Touch the Sky" and "Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)," tracks led and stewarded by TAYA have amassed over one billion global streams.

Over the past decade, between her tours with UNITED, Hillsong Worship and Young & Free, TAYA has performed live for more than 10 million people in 12 different countries, across six continents. TAYA is most passionate about worship that points people to Jesus and her hope is to lead people to worship more authentically and passionately as they discover more about Him. 


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