David Binion Releases a New Book Based on the Book of Revelation

David Binion

Worship leader and pastor David Binion and Max Davis have released their brand new book The Revelation of Jesus Christ, a book of reflections based on the book of Revelation. In May of 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic and shut down, Binion heard the voice of God speak to him, "Write the Revelation of Jesus..."

He dove into the Book of Revelation, rediscovering it through the lens of worship. After writing 18 songs that are soon to be released, he began writing the book to accompany the songs, and it's available NOW.

Binion writes, "John was preserved for a special moment, one last assignment. Exiled in solitary confinement on the island of Patmos, he found himself in the Spirit on the Lord's Day. It is there he is given The Revelation of Jesus. In the cave of suffering, John has his most defining moment, an encounter." 

Binion compels us to see that the message of Revelation isn't to tell us how bad our world is but to encourage us not to succumb to the pressure of tribulation. Every generation has experienced its own set of struggles and trials. Every nation has known political upheaval. The church has been able to navigate its way through severe oppression in every situation. Perhaps you find yourself in your own personal Patmos, unable to see your way out of the dark cave of separation. Let John's story inspire you. There are encounters awaiting that God wants to have with His people. He wants us to know that there is beauty on the Island of Patmos.

The book of Revelation, while it is about what is to come, it is also about what is now, and so much more. It is God's unique love story. Binion challenges readers in The Revelation of Jesus, to view the words of John through a slightly different lens, with fresh illumination, from the eyes of a worshipper. 

To purchase the book, click HERE.

The Revelations of Jesus 


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