Bilingual Christian Artist Evan Craft Offers an Anthem of Unity with "Lean On Me"

Evan Craft

Bilingual Christian singer and songwriter Evan Craft releases his brand new single, "Lean On Me," today. The song is an anthem of hope acting to unify and remind listeners that they're not facing life's hardships alone. "Lean On Me" will be part of Craft's new album due out this coming Fall. 

If you're tired and hurting
Weighed down by your burdens
The future looks uncertain
I'll always be there for you

I've learned Love is verb
Its never afraid of the hurt
If you can't shoulder the world
You can

Lean on me
If you don't feel strong
Whenever you fall
I'll be the one to help you up
When you can't carry on

Craft is a global artist releasing music in Spanish and English. His passion and authenticity are the barrier-breaking qualities that have built a massive career, garnering more than 1.6 billion audio and video streams and 5M followers. His songwriting and artistry have catapulted his career from YouTube artist to the top of the Billboard Charts.

His 2021 smash, "Be Alright," spent multiple weeks in the US Top 200 Shazams chart and garnered 178M total streams. In addition to releasing chart-topping songs, Craft's committed to making a difference in the world. To date, he's raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the homeless mission in LA that he co-founded.  

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