Exclusive Song Premiere: Chuck Wagon Gang's "Come Go With Me"

Chuck Wagon Gang

The Chuck Wagon Gang is returning with their new album, Come Go With Me, via Mountain Home Music Company.  As a preview of this upcoming collection, we are offering fans and readers an opportunity to hear the title track "Come Go With Me" for the first time. To listen to the song, click HERE

This is what band member, Shaye Smith, has to say about the song:"`Come Go With Me,' one of many brand new songs on the record, was a unanimous choice for album title. We all loved the lyrics inviting the listener "'s not too late, don't hesitate, come go with me..."  I feel the song captures the newness and energy of the record as a whole. "

The album is now available for pre-save/add ahead of its June 30 release.

Produced by Jeremy Stephens, leader of the popular bluegrass revivalist band, High Fidelity, and a former member of the Chuck Wagon Gang himself, Come Go With Me makes a compelling case for the timelessness of the group's sound. Indeed, at a time when the listening audience's appetite for the down-to-earth resonance of acoustic sounds, the sturdy simplicity of traditional styles and the abiding warmth of sincere gospel sentiments has never been larger, the elemental approach embodied in this down-to-earth yet well-crafted collection has never been more appealing.

With Stephens on board not only as producer, but as instrumentalist alongside studio wizard David Johnson and award-winning bassist Mike Bub, the Gang serve up a set that embraces continuity through a seamless blend of material that, whether old or new, sounds tailor-made for their old-school approach. Bookended by new songs - the closing "Our Sins Are Washed Away" even comes straight from the pen of the group's leader, Shaye Smith - the Chuck Wagon Gang visit classics like "I Dreamed About Heaven Last Night" and Dottie Rambo's thoughtful "For What Earthly Reason" and recent arrivals like "The Mighty Word of God" and the bluegrass-flavored "I Will Not Cry Today," presenting each in an arrangement that faithfully reflects the essence of the sound first brought to the world three generations ago, yet infuses it with new energy.

Says Smith, "We have an interesting variety of selections on Come Go With Me. Maybe for the first time ever, there are as many brand new songs as recognizable favorites. But even these old favorites are new for the Gang. I believe there is something for everyone within this album and we are anticipating its release with great excitement!"

Pre-save/add Come Go With Me HERE.





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