Leslie Jordan Re-Interprets Five Worship-Filled Songs for Her Upcoming New EP

Leslie Jordan

This Friday, former half of All Sons and Daughter, Leslie Jordan will release You Are With Me, her awaited second studio EP. Serving as B-sides to her fall 2022 project, All That I Need To Know, which took on an aerial view of truths about God, this new batch of songs dives deeply into the raw and visceral nature of God's presence.

The new EP features five worship-filled songs of significance to Leslie that she previously wrote and were recorded on friends' projects, such as Sandra McCracken, Citizens, The Porter's Gate, and Hannah Hobbs. Among the hundreds of songs Leslie has written and collaborated on, occasionally, a song that feels like a piece of herself will rise to the surface. She decided to share a collection of such songs in a fresh format with her own voice, unveiling a central theme of God's "withness" with His people in every season.

"There is some goodness and truth but also some discovery and some longing," she says. "My faith journey and my relationship with God is ever-changing, and I think you can hear that in these songs."

From the pains of her experience of waiting to adopt a child, to social justice and the widespread battles of mental health in the Church, "You Are With Me" embodies the closeness of God. Though Leslie approaches complex themes, there is a sweetness and brightness shining through this EP, which was recorded at Fox Den Studios and co-produced with Jess Ray. Her compassion and nurturing heart are reflected in the words and melodies of these songs, extending an invitation to be cared for and seen by God to all people - whether in or outside of the church. 

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