Author Dr. Nancy Meyer Gives Exclusive Insights About How to Defy Fear

Nancy Meyer

Licensed chiropractic physician turned author Dr. Nancy Meyer has released her new project DEFYING FEAR, a fictional story, inspired by a compilation of true events, that will inspire people to defy fear in their own lives by embracing their true value through a focus on spiritual, emotional, and physical practices. Defying Fear is available now in both print and Kindle formats through Iron Stream Media 

We are honored to be able to catch up with Dr. Nancy Meyer for this exclusive interview. 

Q: Thank you, Nancy for doing this interview with us. Besides being an author, you are also a coach. Can you tell us more about your coaching ministry?

As part of my ministry, I am available for speaking and coaching. I have been blessed with the gift of encouragement, and I utilize it to benefit others through my coaching and speaking ministries. My mission revolves around helping both businesses and individuals realize their full potential and not limit themselves by assisting them in discovering any barriers or fears that may be holding them back. Whether it's overcoming fear, other obstacles, or self-doubt, my goal is to provide the guidance needed to help them reach their goals including finding ways to take care of themselves to help avoid burnout.

Q: I believe you have just retired from being a Chiropractor. What made you want to leave your career to become an author? 

Yes, I retired last year as a Chiropractor. While I loved my patients and the opportunity to help them, I felt a strong calling from God, leading me to focus my time and energy on my book and speaking. During my years of practice, I learned that healing goes beyond the physical; it also involves the mental and spiritual aspects of a person's life. I desired to share this insight on a larger scale, and I believe I can do that through my book and speaking engagements. While I miss my patients, I now have the chance to encourage and inspire more people to embrace their value and find true healing through faith in Christ, rather than limiting my impact to one patient at a time.

Q: Congratulations on the release of your new book "Defying Fear." Can you briefly share with us what the book is about? 

Thank you. It is a fictional story, inspired and based on multiple women's true stories, to inspire people to defy fear in their own lives by embracing their true value through a focus on spiritual, emotional, and physical practices.  

Q: Why did you decide to write about a book revolving around abuse within the home?

I chose to write a book about overcoming abuse because it is a subject that often goes unrecognized in our society. On social media, we typically only see the best aspects of people's lives, leaving the hidden struggles behind closed doors. My book is narrated through the perspective of my main character, Lila, taking readers on her journey of defying fear, discovering courage, and embracing her true value. It shows abuse and redemption, highlighting the shift from victim to victor. Lila's story conveys the powerful message that everyone, whether enduring mental or emotional abuse from others or even from themselves, deserves love, value, and cherish.

Q: What are some types of fears people in abusive relationships face? 

That's a good question. In abusive relationships, people often battle with a variety of fears and emotional challenges. Among these, some of the most significant fears include feelings of shame, unworthiness, and a sense of being undervalued. There's often a strong sense of embarrassment associated with the situation, and individuals may feel unlovable and uncherished. Many victims of abuse believe they don't deserve better, and this belief can lead them to think that they don't deserve love or value. This lack of self-value can make it difficult for them to escape the unhealthy relationship they find themselves in.

Q: You talk about how you have to embrace your value to find the courage to get out of abusive relationships. Can you explain that? 

I'd be happy to explain. In many abusive relationships, individuals are conditioned to believe that they deserve the mistreatment or don't deserve better. The underlying problem is that they don't value themselves enough to leave such an abusive relationship. Until they begin to value themselves, they often remain in the abusive relationship. Once they recognize their own worth, they will understand that they deserve to be in a healthy and happy relationship. This realization prompts them to take steps toward a better life. Personally, I believe that their true value lies in their unshakable self-worth through Christ.

Q: Can you share some words of encouragement with your fans and readers who may be struggling with fear now? 

Of course, I'd love to share words of encouragement with my fans and readers who may be struggling with fear right now. Remember this: You are valued, loved, and cherished beyond measure. You are so valued that God sent His only son to die on a cross for YOU. Think about that He died a brutal death for YOU and me. 

Also, remember faith while it is the opposite of fear it isn't in the absence of fear. Faith is despite feeling fear. When fear seems overwhelming, remember to take life one step at a time. Sometimes, that may mean taking things moment by moment, and that's perfectly okay. Just hang in there and keep moving forward, no matter how slowly. Much like Lila, the main character in my book, not only survived but thrived, so can you. 

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is a quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."  -MARY ANNE RADMACHER 

To help move your fear into faith follow these steps: journal your thoughts and feelings, pray for guidance and strength, and turn to the wisdom of the Bible for inspiration. Repeat Bible verses to help you get over your fears. Some of my favorite Bible verses are: Phil. 4:13 (You can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you), Phil. 4:6-7 (if you are thankful, peace will fill your heart vs fear), Deut. 31:6 (Be Strong, Be Courageous), 2 Tim 1:7 (We have a spirit of Power, Love, and Self-control). Trust that God will speak to you through these practices. Listen with an open heart, and you will discover the power to defy fear, summon courage, and embrace your unwavering self-worth through your faith in Christ. Remember, you are never alone on this journey, and your faith can carry you through even the darkest times. 




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