Hillsong College USA Closes

Hillsong College USA

The high profile resignations, the devstating docu-series, the alleged misappropriations of spending, and the horrifying sexual allegations have a negative impact on the Hillsong brand. Hillsong College USA has announced that it will conclude its current operations at the end of the Spring semester in May 2024. 

The school announces, "Hillsong College USA, during its time in Phoenix and Orange County, has made a positive impact in the lives of its students and on their church communities.

The College is committed to a careful teach-out process for existing programs. This commitment ensures that students currently midway through their academic year can successfully complete their courses by May 2024.

This decision is part of a strategic refocus of the College's leadership development and education strategy, aligning with Hillsong Church's global strategy and mission. The move aims at ensuring a more sustainable and promising future for Hillsong College both in the USA and globally.

Hillsong College extends its deepest gratitude to the Orange County church community, staff, and students for their dedication and contribution to the vibrant educational environment created over the past years. Amidst this strategic shift, we remain hopeful and full of faith for Hillsong College and Hillsong Church's future in raising leaders and discipling believers for the greater Church."




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