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Common Hymnal

How do you begin Black History Month? The artistic ecosystem called Common Hymnal is stepping strong into Black History Month by adding another musical work to their music catalog of praise and protest. Their latest release, "God of Color," is a song that is an unapologetic and full-throttled celebration of the melanated Christ.

"God Of Color" is written by the collaborative aggregation of Jalen Seawright, Rev. Otis Moss, III, Gustaf Emil Sydhage, Royce Lovett, and JonCarlos Velez.  Seaux Chill, Vincent Charlow, and Tommy Sims are the genius league of producers for the track.  Sims is one of music's most notable producers behind a deep catalog of award-winning projects and artists, including CeCe Winans, The Judds, Eric Clapton, Smokie Norful, Israel Houghton, and Amy Grant.

The phenomenal trio of artists delivering the vocal performance on "God of Color" are Jalen Seawright, Bianca White, and Royce Lovett. 

"God of Color is a song that speaks to OUR people - our melanated power and uniqueness that allows us to be different and valuable," explains Bianca White.  "The verse Give them eyes to see my humanity, in its beauty, in its power, all you created me to be is extremely powerful because it makes a request to be seen and recognized as powerful and honorable while connecting us to God in a way that shines light that people of color are not often directly associated with God and often have to prove their salvation. God of Color is a call to give back the God who is living and living in COLOR!"

"My soul stood up for joy when I first heard God Of Color during the song share at our writer's camp," says Royce Lovett.  "After hearing the second verse, the writer's room erupted in joyful praise. My praise was full of wonder, lament, joy, and gratitude! This is MY song of worship. Then, Jalen wanted a rap on the third verse, and I was ALL ABOUT IT! I've been waiting my whole life to write this verse. This is a song of freedom because the truth sets us free."

"God of Color" is available now on all digital music platforms and is a single from the forthcoming album GRAVITAS.   The official music video, directed by Lovett and Nathan Nix, is also available on YouTube. 

Jalen Seawright shares this, "It doesn't matter how proud, how enlightened, or how woke you become, when you're brown, you must face the truth that there are more things built to dehumanize you than there are to affirm the image of God in you.  This song is the ace up my sleeve, my holy diss, the ultimate come-back to those who say they love Jesus yet withhold justice from their generously melanated siblings. One day, they must also face the truth that we, too are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image...His melanated image." 

Common Hymnal was created as a virtual library to help Christ followers navigate uncertain times and find a safe passage into the future through forward-facing content from the spiritual underground.  This gathering of creatives carefully works to coalesce a new demographic of Christ followers who find themselves on the outskirts due to not fully connecting with mainstream Christian culture, yet eager to enjoy healthy community with other Jesus people. 

You can take a deeper dive into Common Hymnal and get connected at 

Find "God of Color" lyrics and song credits here.





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