Exclusive Song Premiere: Kingsmen's "No Other King"

The Kingsmen

The Kingsmen will release their first full-length album for Horizon Records Unstoppable God on February 16. We are honored to be able to preview the album with an exclusive listen to the majestically orchestrated track, "No Other King." Listen to the song HERE.

No other King would come here to be
Despised and rejected and nailed to a tree
Lay down His life for a sinner like me
I will ever sing
To no other King

Alan Kendall writes, "When Lee Black, one of the writers of the song and one of my favorite singers these days, sent us the demonstration for 'No Other King,' his delivery was so masterful that I wondered how anyone else could match it.

"Fortunately, we were able to give it both the quartet and anthem-style treatment we felt the song deserved. It is a beautiful lyric with almost a hymn-like quality, that tells us how only Jesus, the King of kings, would humble himself in such a manner as to give his life for us." 

Featuring the current lineup of Kendall, Laney, Nalley and Watson --- and, on two memorable tracks, legendary bass singer Ray Dean Reese ---Unstoppable God, now available for pre-save/add ahead of its February 16 release. The record offers convincing proof that, though the voices may have changed, the talent and faith that have sustained the group for more than half a century are as strong as ever. 

"When we finished in the studio," recalls Kendall, "Our producer Jeff Collins said, 'Well, the Kingsmen have done it again.' As flattering as that kind gesture is, I'd have to say that God did it again. I could not have put this team together myself. The dedication and obedience of Ray and Brandon Reese to God's calling on their lives is strong, and God has just proven that His favor in our ministry supersedes anything that the enemy may try to use against those who belong to Jesus.

"Unstoppable God is a testimony of my life, it's a testimony of the Kingsmen, and I believe it will be the testimony of a lot of our listeners. I've seen His hand work miracles in my life, in such a way that I knew it was His will and not mine. We serve an unstoppable God, whose word, whose love, and whose plan for our lives is infallible!"

Pre-save/add Unstoppable God HERE

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