Eternity News, Australia's Media Platform for Christians, Closes

Eternity News

Bible Society Australia Group announces that they will end their media platform Eternity News in its current form. This means that effective 30 April 2024, the Eternity News print magazine, website, weekly newsletter and social media platforms, along with the Eternity Jobs website, will cease. 
Grant Thomson, the CEO of Bible Society Australia, writes, "We praise God for the profound impact Eternity News has made on the Australian Christian landscape and the blessing it has been to our readers since it became part of the Bible Society Australia group in 2011. We share our sincere thanks to readers and contributors who have supported Eternity News throughout its journey."

One of the major reasons for the closing of the media platform is cost. Thomson continues, "Can we continue to afford to carry the cost? Is it aligned with our vision of the future of where we see ourselves and the role we want to play? In the end, over several years of board conversations, of management conversations, it became clear that the answer is no."

Over the years, Eternity News has been a blessing as it has helped Bible Society Australia (BSA) be aware of the breadth of the church, of the body of Christ. It has brought awareness of different denominations, different perspectives, and stories of faith. It has been a huge blessing to have stories highlighting everyday faith and the reality of what it means to live as a Christian.

Thomson agrees, "I think a big impact has been felt through Naomi Reed's 'Faith Stories', which has been amazing, because it's been about telling peoples' journey of faith. I also think Eternity's focus on BSA's work with Indigenous communities has been a huge blessing.

"I'd say that a really important impact of Eternity's ministry has been in keeping the body of Christ aware of what other parts of the body are doing and the way God is working in so many people's lives."

In the coming weeks, join  the Eternity News website and social media channels as they reminisce over the unforgettable stories and memories of Eternity. Explore all content on the Eternity News website before we bid farewell to this chapter.




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