Passion “Call on Heaven” Album Review


Prime Cuts: Salvation Belongs to You (featuring Kristian Stanfill), Follow (featuring Melodie Malone), Calvary's Enough (featuring Brooke Ligertwood)

Overall Grade: 4/5 

Passion returns with its annual live conference recording. Like their preceding recordings, the goal is not just to showcase their latest worship songs but also to bring together some of the best worship songs from their own team and guest artists. Therefore, on this record, you will find guest artists offering their latest songs (e.g.., Brooke Ligertwood's "Calvary's Enough" and Crowder's "Grave Robber") and popular worship songs being re-interpreted (e.g., Chris Tomlin's "Holy Forever," Michael W. Smith's "Agnus Dei," and their own "Fall Like Rain"). In terms of their recordings, they have also freshened up their own set with newer faces, such as Landon Wolfe and Rachel Halbach. 

When it comes to their new songs, they are a mixed bag. The cream among the offerings are "Salvation Belongs to You" (featuring Kristian Stanfill) and "Follow" (featuring Melodie Malone). The former has a driving 90s rhythmic beat over a stately pop tune that has a singalong quality made for congregations to sing. Melodie Malone only gets featured on one track on this record, and she may have a "firebomb" of a hit here. The song brilliantly captures the paradox of discipleship: only those who are captives in Christ find true freedom. Landon Wolfe fronts the worship for the album's lead single, "The Lord will Provide," a rousing anthem that brings to life Matthew 6:33. 

Unfortunately, Kristian Stanfill's "He Who is to Come" suffers from an overcrowding of sound. Meanwhile, Chidima's "No Body" is on the bland side. "Fall Like Rain" is much better, which is boosted by the powerful vocals of Kari Jobe and Rachel Halbach. Jobe also offers a ten-minute rendition of Chris Tomlin's "Holy Forever." Though it doesn't translate well on record, in its live rendition, it must be a highlight of the conference.

Brooke Ligertwood, a regular conference guest, returns to deliver "Calvary's Enough," a key track from her latest album. The haunting keyboards and Ligertwood's heartfelt vocals make this cross-centered ballad a must-hear. Crowder, meanwhile, rocks his way through his latest single, "Grave Robber," with stunning electric guitars and gruff vocals. Though not perfect, "Call on Heaven" does have many powerful moments of worship. Check it out. 

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