Meredith Andrews "Heaven’s Frequency" Album Review

Meredith Andrews

Prime Cuts: The Lamb, The Lion, The King, Safe Place, Heaven's Frequency (feat. Cecily)

Overall Grade: 4/5

Even in her early days, Meredith Andrews had a penchant for singing God-directed songs. Songs such as "Open Up the Heavens," "Make Room," and "God of the Living" come to mind. Finally, Andrews has taken the step of faith to record her full-length live worship album, where all ten tracks are directed vertically to God. Recorded in her church, HopeUC in Nashville (where Darlene Zschech serves as the church's global senior pastor and Dustin Smith as the campus pastor in Nashville), these songs feature Andrews as a co-writer on nine of the ten cuts. Noteworthy writers such as Mia Fieldes, Patrick Mayberry, Mitch Wong, and her hubby Jacob Sooter join her at the scribing table. Unfortunately, Zschech and Smith did not make an appearance on the record.

The album is preceded by the regal-sounding "The Lamb, The Lion, The King." Written by Andrews, Ethan Hulse, and Jacob Sooter, "The Lamb, The Lion, The King" is a top-notch power ballad that plays upon the dual identity of Jesus, such that he is both judge and savior. The song's attention placed upon the cinematic build-up of the song makes it an experience in itself. Less stimulating and more on the non-descript pop side is the latest single, "Always Do," which is co-written by Mia Fieldes. Fieldes show up again in the co-writing credit of "One Word" --- a faith-filled ballad that accedes to the power of Jesus' words.

Another highlight of the record is "Safe Place." Andrews' soft but nuanced delivery, augmented by the beautiful piano riffs, brings out the beauty of Christ's protective hand, which is only faith-affirming. The album's title track, "Heaven's Frequency," is one of the songs that has a more accelerated tempo. Joined by newcomer Cecily as a co-writer and in the vocals department, "Heaven's Frequency" is a call to dance like King David in the light of the victory God has secured for us on the Cross. Patrick Mayberry joins Andrews on the thumping opener "Let Everything."

The only cover on this record is Passion's "What He's Done." Andrews' version is more subdued but no less powerful. "No Weapon" falls into the terrain of "Surrendered (Fight My Battles") and "Defender," except that at over 10 minutes, the song gets pretty repetitive and thin lyrically. The same can be said about "Yeshua (Holy)," which starts off well but doesn't have enough of a melody to sustain it for such a long running time. Overall, "Heaven's Frequency" has moments of greatness, but it's not perfect.  

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