Mental Health Advocate Laura Gallier Says Exposure to Pornography Creates Mental-Emotional Wounds

Laura Gallier

With the world of modern technology, today's adolescents are exposed to more inappropriate content than ever before. Research shows that approximately 68% of American young adults have interacted with online pornography, a dramatic rise compared to previous years. Experts agree that contact with pornography at a young age can lead to poor mental health, sexism and objectification, sexual violence and other negative outcomes. Tragically, the average age of an adolescent's first pornography exposure is between 11 and 12 years old, and many who are subjected to such inappropriate content often cannot comprehend the material and find the experience traumatic, leading to a plethora of mental-emotional issues later in life.

Having battled her own enemies of the soul throughout her teen and young adult years, author and mental health awareness educator Laura Gallier is on a mission to help today's young people address their mental-emotional issues. As an advocate of biblical truth in a skeptical generation, Gallier sheds light on the most controversial moral and social issues of the day, including matters of sexuality.

She highlights the devastating effects of sexual deviance in her powerful supernatural fiction series, The Delusion (Wander, a YA imprint of Tyndale House Publishers). The Delusion follows protagonist Owen Edmonds as he wrestles with the allure of lust and pornography - while witnessing the paranormal activity wreaking mental and emotional havoc on his community. In the midst of such darkness, Owen witnesses firsthand the redeeming power of divine love.

"Pornography is a bait-and-switch that promises to please, only to enslave and sabotage a person's sexual health," said Gallier. "In porn, physical intimacy is reduced to a totally selfish, dehumanizing act, if not outright cruel and violent - the devastation of which is currently among the leading causes of divorce. It's one more substantial log on the fire of contributing factors to the mental-emotional anguish rampant among today's young people. As is central to the plot of 'The Delusion' series, it's vital to expose wicked schemes disguised as harmless, and certainly pornography is among the most deceptive and detrimental."

The Delusion series addresses deep human struggles, including mental and emotional health, teen suicide, fatherlessness, bullying, peer aggression and promiscuity. Forced to face both his own and his community's trials and tribulations, Owen Edmonds witnesses how devastating mental and emotional wounds can be without proper support, as well as the power of love in overcoming these hurdles.

"At the core of nearly all mental-emotional anguish is fear, and fear always involves lies - either in part or entirely," Gallier said. "What's more, fear is a trademark of the demonic world, but love overcomes fear. I know this experientially, not just theoretically. My hope is that 'The Delusion' series helps many more young people to see their worth and quality of life through an accurate lens, one where they're empowered to overcome fear and lies with love and truth."

To read the first chapter of The Delusion series, click here.

Laura Gallier ( is an author and national speaker whose inspiring life story empowers students and adults to overcome enemies of the soul such as oppressive thoughts, emotions, and habits. Having battled her own enemies of the soul throughout her teen and young adult years, she is on a mission to expose deception with the light of truth, bringing hope and healing to a generation in need. As an advocate of biblical truth in a skeptical generation, Gallier sheds light on many of today's most highly debated moral and social issues. She is the author of the Christy Award award-winning novel series, The Delusion. Gallier is the lead developer of the I AM WORTHY Mental-Emotional Wellness and Character-Building Program for Students in public schools. For more information on Laura Gallier, please visit her YouTubeFacebookInstagram, and TikTok.

Laura Gallier's three-book set, The Delusion, released from Wander, a YA imprint of Tyndale House Publishers, is available now.



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