Sarah Kroger's "Still Yours" is Both Hopeful and Vulnerable

Sarah Kroger

Sarah Kroger's latest single "Still Yours" is a hopeful and vulnerable song about remaining in relationship with God, even when the initial spark has gone out. When Sarah wrote this song with Jeff Pardo and Ethan Hulse, she shared that she was struggling in her faith, which ignited the idea to write an honest song about moments when God feels far away.

"Despite the questions and doubts I've wrestled with, I'm choosing to believe that there's nothing that can separate me from the love of God," she said.

The uplifting melody of "Still Yours" brings a sense of victory when Sarah sings, "You're still good and I'm Still Yours." Even when child-like faith fades or God seems silent, Sarah hopes "Still Yours" is a reminder that He is always there. "I'm still fighting to choose You, because I believe it's worth it. I don't think our story is done yet."  

You can listen to "Still Yours" HERE

Sarah is a Nashville-based, Catholic worship leader and songwriter whose love for music started at a young age. With parents involved in music ministry, she grew up in a musical home and has been singing in church choirs since she was a child.

Sarah has spent the last eight years leading worship for events around the world, drawing together people from a variety of cultures and church backgrounds under the banner of Jesus. Her passion is to create a safe and prayerful space through her music in which people can encounter the heart of God in a profound way.




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