Jasmine Brady Speaks About Her New Album: "My Vision is that People Would Find Hope"

Jasmine Brady

An original collection of impassioned anthems created for corporate worship experiences as well as intimate moments of reflection, Lover Of My Soul, the latest recording from acclaimed singer/songwriter and worship leader Jasmine Brady from Regeneration Music Group. 

Produced by Burton Gaar, Lover Of My Soul features 10 tracks hallmarked by direct, Spirit-filled lyrics and memorable, accessible melodies. Nine of the project's selections were penned solely by Brady, while "Thank You Lord" was co-written by Brady and Jimmy Yeary (Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts).  

Brady is the daughter of beloved Gospel songstress Candy Hemphill Christmas; the granddaughter of Southern Gospel pioneers Joel and LaBreeska Hemphill; and the great-niece of genre icons Howard and Vestal Goodman of The Happy Goodmans. Brady appeared in various Gaither Homecoming and Homecoming Kids videos, and she went on to sing with Lee University's world-renowned Voices of Lee ensemble.

Following a decade on staff at The Bridge --- a multi-faceted ministry founded by her mother to serve the needs of Nashville's homeless and underprivileged-Brady is now the worship pastor at Regeneration Nashville, the congregation led by her father, Pastor Kent Christmas. Along with her music ministry, Brady speaks about the faithfulness of God at events around the country and hosts a Bible discussion podcast, Wholly Holy. As a solo artist, her recordings include 2021's Shalom and 2022's Come Alive

Q: Jasmine, thank you for doing this interview with us. You come from a family with a rich heritage in Christian music. Can you tell us about your family and how they have influenced you as you were growing up?

I'm so excited to be a part of this interview! Thank you for having me. I am incredibly blessed to have been born into a family with such a godly and musical heritage. They have always been encouraging regarding my music and they helped me to grow in my abilities. I can remember sharing song ideas with my family even as a young child-maybe six or seven years old-and they taught me how to write songs and craft lyrics and melodies. They took me on the road every chance they had and put me in front of audiences all over the world to sing my own music, even though I doubt it was any good at the time. Every family gathering always ended with my grandmother at the piano and my grandfather on the guitar singing gospel songs while the rest of the family joined in. Music is part of my DNA, and I hope to pass it along to my children and grandchildren.

Q: With your heritage in Gospel music, particularly Southern Gospel, how would you describe your music today?

I think Southern Gospel has influenced my music deeply in that my message remains Jesus-centered and hopeful. Although less southern and country stylistically, many of my songs still have gospel roots. My family found their niche in Southern Gospel, but I found a love and passion for gospel artists like Mahalia Jackson, Shirley Caesar, and Kirk Franklin at a young age. Even though my parents traveled for a living, they always ensured that we were in our home church every opportunity we had. Our church had incredible gospel music, and I think that had more of an impact on my style than anything else. I can't imagine singing another genre of music other than Christian, and I know I owe that to my family and the passion for Jesus they have handed down to me.
Q: Congratulations on releasing your new album, "Lover of My Soul." What is your vision for this record?

Thank you so much! This album has been a year in the making and is truly an answer to prayer. With every record, I feel like I have become more of myself, and the artist God has called me to be. And I feel like this album reflects that evolution. My vision for this record is that people would find hope again in Jesus; that what the enemy has meant for evil, God will "Turn for Good"; that there is "Nothing Too Hard," but indeed, all things are possible with God. I hope that the listener will pray the prayers of "Thy Kingdom Come" and "Carry Me" in their difficult situations and then erupt with praise, declaring "Thank You Lord" and "Nobody Loves Me Like Jesus!" The aim of this record is for people to sing these songs in worship to our Savior and believe for victory amidst the impossible.
Q: I believe you had a hand in writing all the songs on the record. Does songwriting come easy for you? What inspires you to write?

Yes, I wrote every song and wrote "Thank You Lord" with my dear friend Jimmy Yeary. Words and writing are definitely a strong gifting of mine. Math and science are not where I shine, but I have always found a home in words and stories. I started writing songs as a kid before I even knew what I was really doing. I think it's just something that God put in my heart and that passion has grown over the years to His glory. Different things inspire me at different times. Some of these songs were inspired by life events, self-reflection, and special church services.

The title cut, "Lover of My Soul," was inspired by the 2023 Asbury Revival. I watched all these young adults worshiping Jesus in the middle of the night, and they sang songs that were easy to remember. They didn't have anyone to run the screens at 3 am so they sang choruses like "Goodness of God" and "Worthy Of It All." Sometimes a simple lyric and melody can open-up our hearts in a different way to the working of the Holy Spirit, and we can really focus on Him. At that time, I sat down and wrote "Lover of My Soul," hoping that people could sing this song with their eyes closed and their hands lifted in a pure moment of worship. 

Q: What were some of the highlights of making this album?

The making of this album has held many wonderful highlights for me. My longtime friend Burton Gaar has been an encouragement to me for many years, and he produced the record. He's a lot of fun; he is a true visionary; and he always helps me make wonderful music. Another great highlight was working with all of the incredible musicians and singers who lent their talent to this project. My husband played the drums, and I appreciate the Lord giving us the opportunity to work together. Geron Davis, who wrote the classic "Holy Ground," arranged all the background vocals and some of the music. To glean from his experience and wealth of knowledge is such a blessing. Overall, my greatest joy was recording the music I feel the Lord has given me to share with the body of Christ. 
Q: "Carry Me (Joshua's Song)" is a song dedicated to your late brother. Can you tell us the story behind this track?

I'm so glad you asked this question! I actually started writing that song when I was 16 years old. I had a dear friend who passed away suddenly, and that was my first real experience with grief. I wrote about 70% of the song then, but never finished it. My brother Josh always loved it and would ask me to sing it for him or record it so that he could play it, but I never did. He would often tell me that was his favorite song that I had written.

In 2021, Josh passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm. There are things we face that only Jesus can get us through, and Josh's passing was definitely one of those experiences. Even though we were 10 years apart in age, we were very close, and I found solace in the words I had written as a teenager: "Carry me, Lord." When I started picking songs for this album, I remembered "Carry Me" and rewrote some of the lyrics and added the bridge. The song started in grief, but it ends in hope, knowing that God has a plan and that He is strong when we are weak. I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to honor Josh's memory on this record, and I hope people who are facing grief will find peace as they listen, remembering that God holds us in His hand.

Q: If your new album can be summed up in a sentence, what would it be?

I think the one sentence that sums up the record would be, "Nobody loves me like Jesus." He loved us first (1 John 4:19) while we were sinners (Romans 5:8), and nothing can separate us from His love (Romans 8:35-39). If we give our life to Him, we will find peace and fulfillment, hope and victory. In a hurting world, Jesus is the answer, because nobody loves us like Him. 

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