Mission House Releases "A Day for Singing"

Mission House

Mission House's latest release, "A Day for Singing," is an uplifting song of praise that captures the mercies of the Lord that are new each morning. Jess Ray and Taylor Leonhardt cowrote "A Day for Singing" with Mitch Wong and Jessie Early one beautiful morning over bagels and coffee.

Filled with gratitude, Jess felt "today is a day for singing," adding even more emotion to the joyous lyrics. The group of friends continued to write from a heart posture thanking God for the gift of life and the breath in their lungs to sing.

"A Day for Singing" was recorded with local worship leaders in a barn located in Charolette, North Carolina, and quickly became a beloved song in Jess's and Taylor's church. They believe it allows the congregation to lay down anything heavy they are walking in and fix their eyes on the Lord. Listeners are encouraged to open their hearts and thank God for a new day through song and praise. 

Listen to "A Day for Singing" HERE.

Their songs are in and of themselves designed as an act of service, solely for the benefit of people, and in their own way the songs embrace the truest core concept of liturgy. These songs are just as comfortable stripped simply to their lyric and melody or backed by a big band and utilized to bring a broader body of believers into an anthemic moment of praise. Often described as worship songs for the other 6 days of the week, Mission House's songs somehow feel just as comfortable in a moment of worship in the car mid-week as they do in the setlist in any church on Sunday mornings.

A 7-song self-titled live record served as Mission House's official debut with Integrity Music in 2019, followed by their studio album, "I Heard A Song I Can't Ignore" (2020), "Live in Raleigh" (2022), and "Friend Forever" (2023). Mission House have collaborated with many landscapers of the worship world such as Josh Baldwin, Andrew Peterson, Leslie Jordan, and Matt Maher. 

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