Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir Announces the Recording of their Live Album

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Grammy winner the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir announce their live recording scheduled for Friday, September 26th and Sunday, September 28th. The choir has plans to do an "all the way live" recording with no studio tracking. "This is taking us back to the concept of our first album Giving Him Thanks back in 1981, " says BTC Music and Conference administrator Kevin Lewis. "Carol wanted to go back to what defined our sound in the beginning because Brooklyn Tabernacle is best when it's completely live and spontaneous." 

Originally founded in 1973 with eight members, the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir is one of the most respected choirs in America. The Grammy-winning, 300-voice Gospel choir was born out of the historic Brooklyn Tabernacle in downtown Brooklyn, NY. The Choir, like the church, is a blend of ethnic and economic backgrounds. The ensemble is comprised of passionate and often musically-untrained church members ranging from lawyers and doctors to ex-crack addicts.

The Choir was founded by, and is directed by Carol Cymbala, wife of Senior Pastor Jim Cymbala and daughter of the church founder, the late Rev. Clair Hutchins. Although she cannot read or write music, Carol has been blessed with a special gift to direct and create from the heart through the power of the Holy Spirit. "I just want to see people drawn to Jesus Christ," she says. "I want the music to be the arrow that points them to Him."

And, although the majority of the choir members have no formal vocal training, they have been instrumental in presenting the love of God all over the world through live performances and through numerous audio and video recordings. Says Pastor Cymbala, "The choir represents all different walks of life and every kind of sin. You name it and we have someone who has been saved out of it, standing next to another one who has grown up in the church." 

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