'Married At First' Sight Spoilers: Who Stays Together?

Married at First Sight
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'Married At First Sight' Spoilers: Who Stays Together?

It seems like the show has proved a lot of things in just one season.At the start,  almost half of  the viewers thought that such a premise might just never take off. After all, how can a few experts and complete strangers come up with marriages that last?

However, things have really changed. It appears that the couples have dealt with things well after the season finale. Cortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion surprised everyone with their decision to stay married along with Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis. These two couples showed how love and attraction conquer almost everything. In fact, the makers are all set to come up with Married at First Sight Season 2  soon. Interesting, isn't it?

On the other hand, things were not pleasant for  couple Monet Bell and Vaughn Copeland. They did not want to stay together any longer primarily because nothing seemed to work out between them. The chemistry was certainly missing and so was the urge to stay together. Nevertheless, we believe that they will soon find the loves of their lives soon.

For fans who have really enjoyed the show and want to see more of the couples and what they are up to, FYI has arranged for a special reunion show that should answer a lot of questions. This special episode will premiere today at 9 pm on FYI. Do remember to find out how everyone is doing after the extremely touching season finale. 

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