‘Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Design your life’ 2014 Edition: Big Advantage For Working Individuals

‘Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
(Photo : ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1)

'Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Design your life' 2014 Edition: Big Advantage For Working Individuals

Samsung has evolved into bigger hits of their Galaxy Note brands featuring the newest tablet in the line called the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 themed as "Design your life", it has a 10.1 full HD display where users may wish to enlarge the photo while maintaining the HD quality by its surprisingly 2,560x1600 resolution, this is a sure deal in viewing bigger photos at its finest.

The Note 10.1 version of Samsung Galaxy also proposed big advantage for working individuals, the system intact on the unit comprises a high-end productivity, a newly improvised S pen, and articulate designs, the new S pen is a way better and more expedient by which it transcribes just like the typical pens where you can take notes and save your day's most important agendas.

A competent market in technology endures its custom standard of quality in providing people a good cost, and Samsung has outstands it with their new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 featuring leather-like black cover with a well-improved system of processor, battery life, and storage capacity plus the portability of the device due to its lighter and smaller look compared the original Note 10.1 makes it more convenient for techy ones.

Massive pluses are also in, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has many new features like the Polari Office and Drop Box which takes place in people's own convenient to work, not to mention the experience of no hassle with the new amazing connection of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to Samsung Freedom Galaxy Gear where notifications and email alerts are received without the need to take your tablet out your bags.

Other great features are My Magazine, Multi-tasking and Samsung Knox. My Magazine is for keeping good shots of memories, while the Multi-tasking allows people to use multiple apps at a time. For security purposes, Samsung Knox could grant that privacy and security where passwords and personal data are protected.


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