iPhone 6 Plus: What is the Explanation Behind iPhone 6 Plus Bending Issue

iPhone 6 Plus
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iPhone 6 Plus: What is the Explanation behind iPhone 6 Plus Bending Issue

Are iPhone6 Plus bendy? A die-hard Apply fan would surely find ways to have an iPhone6 Plus on his palm. The 5.5-inch phone is the biggest iPhone in the Cupertino based giant in history. 

Celebrating its debut along with iPhone 6, these new flagship smartphone of Apple is something that everyone will really look for. But what is the intriguing rumor spreading over the news about its bending issue? What's the real score about it?

As it is a big step for Apple to come forward along with Samsung in offering big screen smarphones, and the company has succeeded in doing so. But over the past few days, just after a week the 5.5-inch iPhone went on sale, news have been reported about its bending issue.

There have been a lot of videos leaked on the internet showing its strange problem. Apple has released a statement that they only had nine clients who faced the same problem since it went on sale.

Bothered about the unstoppable news worldwide, Apple has to make a concrete explanation over the matter. The Cupertino Company also told Business Insider that the happening is "extremely rare" case within the regular usage.

Meanwhile, one Imgur user explains the reason why the smartphone of Apple is more vulnerable to bending when placed under pressure.  Earlier, news explains that the bending is caused by iPhone 6 Plus' aluminum build and its thinness.

However, this is contrary to the Imgur Alleras4 user who tells that the happening is caused by the phone's "not well designed built" when it comes to its volume buttons.

"It's just that under a particular type of flexing, the phone is prone to bend mainly because a metal insert meant to reinforce instead spins in an axis too close to the critical point. If they were further apart allowing better support to counter the flexing and not spinning, it would make it more resistant," Imgur Alleras4 source added.

There may be nine users that complained, but this must not be the real basis why you will not buy an iPhone 6 Plus.

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