‘Sinister Six’: Will Show Before Spiderman on 2016

Sinister 6

'Sinister Six': Will Show Before Spiderman on 2016

The movie Spiderman is getting a spin-off and this time it is going to be called Sinister Six. It will be released on 2016 in exchange to the original release date of Spiderman 3. On the other hand, fans could still expect Spiderman 3 to hit the theaters but only on 2018.

Sinister Six is already getting a lot of buzz even before its official release. Lots of rumors are out there that Andrew Garfield is going to make an appearance on this spin-off because he only signed the contracts for the Spiderman trilogy. But fans can't help but speculate.

Another set of rumors is on the rise regarding Gwen Stacy's (Emma Stone) return to both of this movie because she died on the last installment of the movie. There is also another speculation that Andrew Garfield is going to die as well on this spin-off and that another Spiderman will arise on the 3rd installment of Spiderman.

But here is a fact in all of these rumors, and fans of Gwen Stacy will surely be disappointed because her character has really ended. However, there are other possible reasons she could return but as a different character. She could be a clone and work as Spiderwoman or she could also play the villain this time named Carnage. She could however appear as a flashback whenever Peter Parker (aka Spiderman played by Andrew Garfield) thinks or dreams about her.

Emma Stone said even she is unsure of her return to the movie. Sinister Six is all about the greatest enemies of Spiderman. They will all come together in this movie to gang up on him and eventually watch his defeat.

There are no plots available for this movie just yet but the comic book will give you a hint on pretty much what could happen. In the story, Spiderman will get shot, which will result to his death and it is all because of Kraven. He will lay his head one last time on Aunt May but he will successfully win from all those 6 enemies. Stay tuned for more details of the movie soon.

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