Captain America 3: Introduction of SHIELD Agent 13 and Crossbones in ‘Captain America 2’ Could Pave Way for the ‘Captain America: The Fallen Son’ Storyline, Where Steve Rogers Dies

Captain America 3

Captain America 3: Introduction of SHIELD Agent 13 and Crossbones in 'Captain America 2' Could Pave Way for the 'Captain America: The Fallen Son' Storyline, Where Steve Rogers Dies

Captain America 3 release date is on May 6, 2016, as officially announced by Marvel. Supposedly, the upcoming film will be tying up the loose ends left behind in Captain America 2 (the Winter Soldier). In that second Cap movie, the two titular characters were seen going separate ways, but with the Winter Soldier seemingly starting to finally become aware that he was once Bucky Barnes, Captain America's best friend.

When he talked with Movies.Com, Anthony Russo who will be co-directing the film with his brother Joe, revealed as much. He said: "The relationship between Cap and the Winter Soldier was never resolved at the end of the last movie. Thinking about where that relationship can go is a piece of the puzzle for us for sure. That character is a wonderfully, beautifully tragic figure in the sense of is he the world's most feared assassin or is he the world's longest serving POW. Is he innocent by reason of insanity or the equivalent of it because he's been mind controlled or is he irredeemable? Is he ever going to be acceptable to Cap again as the friend that he used to be before he was the Winter Soldier? These are very philosophical, emotional questions that pique our interest and definitely form one layer of the next movie."

Aside from the Winter Soldier, there are rumors that Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow may return or that Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye may have a part in the Captain America 3 film. However,

the Russo brothers as well as screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely would rather keep fans waiting in suspense for now. When asked who will be back, Joe Russo in an interview with ComicBook teased, "Certainly Captain America will be back. The expectation would be that Bucky will be back and there's certain characters in the Marvel Universe that Cap has a strong connection to but we've also got some tricks up our sleeve for this one and we're hard at work. That's a very crowded summer and there's high expectations so we're all hard at work trying to exceed those expectations and really carve out a big, splashy idea for Cap 3." The Captain America 3 plot is still at the development stage so not counting Chris Evans, there's really still no final Captain America cast yet.

In the last Cap movie, there were some hidden Easter eggs that could give clues as to possible Captain America 3 villains, like twins Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch who were introduced in the end-credits scenes. The twins though will be going against Cap much earlier as it's been confirmed that they will be among the Avengers' antagonists in Avengers: The Age of Ultron which will already be shown in theaters on May 1 next year. Also, the presence in S.H.I.E.L.D of both Sharon Carter (Agent 13) and Brock Rumlow (who will become Crossbones in the comic books) may point to 'Captain America: Fallen Son' as a possible Captain America 3 title. In the 'Fallen Son' storyline in the comic books, Crossbones will carry out the assassination attempt of Cap, but the hypnotized Agent 13 will be the one who will be firing the fatal shots. If so, the Captain America 3 movie could be the last time that Steve Rogers will be seen alive. Would a recovered Bucky Barnes (the Winter Soldier) take his place as Captain America? It will be revealed in less than two years time.



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